As a business owner, the first thing you need to do is let people know where your business is physically located. By using Google Places you will be able to get listed on Google Maps which can have a lot of benefits. Here are some reasons why Google Places is so important for your business:


  • It is free. You don’t need to pay anything in order to use this service since it is a free service that is offered by Google and the only thing you need to invest is a little time and effort


  • If you have relatively new business and don’t have your own website just yet then a Google Places listing can give you an online presence that can serve the same function as a website while you still haven’t made your own.


  • With Google Places you will be able to provide basic information regarding your business such as business name, description, phone number, and location on your listing. You will also be able to add other information that are relevant to your business such as photos and videos. This is just like listing your business on the Yellow Pages in the old days but not it’s on the internet which means you have wider coverage.


  • When you list your business on Google Places, your information will appear on Google search results. These search results focus on local search queries which is why the results are limited to your local area. Which means that for example if a user is searching for a pizza joint in Los Angeles, then Google will determine the local of the user and then list all the pizza joints in the area. If you have listed your business then Google will provide your business as one of the businesses nearby.


  • By listing on Google Places, your location will be able to appear on Google Maps which means potential customers will be able to find your business online and then they will be able to find where your business is located.


  • You will be able to receive reviews and feedback about your business. Getting reviews and feedback is a good thing, even though you might get a negative review every once in a while, since reviews and feedback will make your business more relevant and boost your search result ranking on Google. Another thing is feedback will also help you improve your business since you will be able to know in which areas you are lacking.


  • By replying to feedback and other forms of reviews, you will be able to engage your customers which will make the customers feel like they really matter. You will be able to thank the customers that give you positive reviews and then recognize the ones that give bad reviews and promise them that you will address their issues.


So basically, Google Places will help out your business since it will help increase the public’s awareness of your business and help you with branding. It will also help you increase the relationship you have with your clients. Google Places is a free service that has a lot of benefits and no disadvantages.