PPC (Pay Per Click) in a nutshell. 

PPC or Pay Per Click is essentially an online search auction, where you create your own ads then bid for placement on all of the phrases/keywords that you select. These ads will appear on top of and below non-paid organic search results of specific queries.


What is PPC?

PPC or Pay Per Click is basically an online search auction, where you are able to create your own ads and then you will be able to bid for the different phrases and keywords for your ads. These ads will then appear on top and also below of non-paid organic search results on search queries, every time a user clicks on your ad, the search engine will earn money, and in turn also you. If you bid higher on the different phrases and keywords for your ads, then you will have a higher chance in obtaining the #1 position, which will receive more online traffic from search engine users.


Pay Per Click (PPC) Services

A Pay Per Click Advertising strategy is a great way for your company website to receive a higher volume of online traffic from your target audience, and receive a much higher search engine ranking.

We at The Fields Agency are well versed in online marketing strategies and that includes Pay Per Click Advertising. We will be able to optimize your online presence and increase your website’s online traffic by attracting the right audience for your landing pages. No matter what type of industry you are in, we will be able to help you receive a much higher volume of enquiries, and in turn lead to more business for you and your company.

This is one part of a complete marketing strategy. To see the full outline of a healthy marketing outline please view our earlier marketing 101 blog post.