Looking for a strategic advantage over your competition in 2020? Is your website currently up to date? Are you organically ranking for strategic keywords? If the answer is yes then Position Zero is your next step and should be on the top of your list for the new year. 

We all know that SEO will continue to be the center of digital marketing as we move into the new year. With new technology such as mobile, home automation, and voice search we are experiencing one of the most major shifts in the SEO industry in the last decade.

With the continued growth of mobile and voice search, users are changing the way they use search engines such as Google and Bing. Being number one in the search engine result pages (SERPS) is not necessarily the primary goal your business should be aiming for.

You’ve probably noticed your own search and browsing habits have been shifting in the past couple years due to Google updates and the fact that you are trying to find the fastest information possible when you are looking for an answer or a business.

New tools to find fast results such as featured snippets and other “on SERP” information means that you don’t necessarily need to click through to a website to get the information you’re searching for anymore – it’s right there and easily accessible on the Google search results page.

This on-SERP information may appear in various places, but the most sought after position is right at the top of the page, before the traditional organic listings. This position has been appropriately named “position zero” and since it’s often the only information that a searcher will view specifically on mobile devices, it’s highly coveted. Now over half of search results are returned by Google are “position zero” search results.

Many Brands are still trying to figure out how to achieve position zero as it requires a different set of SEO techniques than those used for a normal listing in the SERPs. If you can be the first in your industry to get there, you’ll have a huge advantage over your competition. So expect to see more SEO companies offering this service over the next year and pay close attention to the latest best practices for optimizing your content to gain this highly coveted placement.