The power of online reviews

When someone refers your business to someone else, this becomes a good sign for business owners, tells you that you are doing something right and that your customers think highly enough of you to tell others in their circle about their experience. Getting referrals and accommodating these referral leads tend to have a higher closing percentage versus other leads. The trust established by your previous customer gets passed on to others and makes it easier for you to land a deal with them. However, even your most loyal customers could only reach a handful of people. Now imagine if these few loyal customers could reach thousands? That amount of viral outreach is priceless and could drive a lot more traffic to your business.


The Power of strangers

The internet is littered with so many sites, services, brands, and products that it becomes difficult to establish yourself as someone better than others. Online reviews can do this for you even if there is no connection between the reviewer and the prospect of reading their review. Nearly 85% of customers read online reviews before trying a new restaurant, hiring a local contractor or making a major in-home purchase. The impact of positive reviews from total strangers is incredibly powerful, even if their testimonial fails to put a face with a name. Here at, we can also help you with this type of marketing you will need to sell and impress others online.


Local search Impact

The value of SEO to a specific business will vary but using SEO to get your site on page 1 of Google’s search engine will drive a lot of traffic to your site. The online reviews of your business are a big driver for where (or if) your business appears in the pecking order. We at the Fields agency also provide you with this service to further improve your site’s online views and visits which requires technical knowledge as well as experience. As practicing professionals in this field, we can offer you the best of services concerning SEO marketing. Having variety in the sites where you are reviewed and of course, the sentiment of your reviews will play a significant role in determining your place.


There is nothing wrong in asking

Some tasks are often accomplished easier when you ask for assistance. Ensuring that your site gets these referrals and reviews by asking will not only make it easier for your customers to review you but also allow you to reel in others as well. Sometimes, others need a little push to follow through, so paying a referral fee would also be the key to that. Smart companies may even tie it into a discount on a future order, not only ensuring a good review but also improve the chance that there’s a repeat order from a current customer.