Web Design

Research & Discovery

The Fields Agency further boosts the impact of your project in the digital realm by understanding the core concepts of your foundation first. Such concepts include your business and the industry it belongs, including its weaknesses and strengths, your main goals, and your target audiences. To achieve this, strategists are employed to carry out research. Once research is done, findings gathered can be used to pinpoint any important details that may be helpful in addressing the unique needs of your business. Aside from that, these findings may influence future steps to push your online presence forward. Together, the Fields Agency’s Development, Strategy, and Design teams work to come up with technical recommendations. Data migration, technology requirements, types of integrations, data migration, and in-depth discussion on selecting the best open source platform are used as basis to provide these recommendations. The developers of The Fields Agency are highly skilled in WordPress and Drupal. Its designers, on the other hand, can perform over a diverse array of platforms such as Experience Manager, SiteWorx, Craft CMS, and Ektron.

Information Architecture

Creativity and technical prowess are perfectly blended by the Fields Agency to achieve your standards in discovering the best online solution in the digital world. To accomplish this, your site content is assessed by its strategists to determine paths and decision points for user tasks. Not only that, to optimize findability and usability, content categories are defined for you.

Web Design & User Experience

Establish meaningful connections with your audience through the Fields Agency. With them, interfaces of superior quality are created to guarantee your satisfaction. Its interaction designers incorporate touches of elegance in your designs innovative enough for users to complete their tasks and realize their objectives. The Fields Agency helps you come up with a differentiator digital platform that can be effectively used in your business and audience. Although WordPress and Drupal are used for content management, the Fields Agency is a platform agnostic company in terms of designing. Because of that, exceptional visual designs are ensured regardless of the final content management system used.

Web & Application Development

n order for solutions to be stable and scalable, The Fields Agency makes use of agile and strong open source technology. Its experienced Website Development team consists of personalities from different backgrounds which are efficient enough to render customization in programming services that secure code and website durability. In terms of web development for open source content management systems, WordPress and Drupal are the said agency’s specialty. Upon relying on these content management systems that sustain more than one third of public-facing websites, it adjusts its solutions so as to meet your and other client’s needs.

Quality Assurance

Work done under this category commences when the project ends, as your project is reviewed in countless of browsers in the form of smartphones, desktops, and tablets that span across versions, manufacturers, and operating systems. The Quality Assurance team consistently coordinates with your team to focus on quick and efficient bug fixes, whereas the Development team gives paramount importance on items of highest priority. As a result, a continuous transition of your new website is guaranteed.

Support & Web Maintenance

The Fields Agency’s Web Development group specializes in website development, deployment, and maintenance. Therefore, you can generate profit as your team runs your project and achieves your goals. Aside from that, a post-launch retainer may be created to meet your specifications in situations when site maintenance is required, when more web design assets are added, or when a new mobile-ready layout is built from scratch. The Fields Agency is also constantly updated on the most recent vulnerabilities and versions in the digital world to effectively safeguard your web infrastructure’s well-being. To cap it all off, a system that promotes communication, collaboration, and release readiness effectively manages each request from the Fields Agency’s support clients.