So you did your research, chose this profession, got your license, and are ready to join the world of real estate. 

 Congratulations, this is an exciting time!

 If you play your cards right, you’re going to build a successful real estate business that will change your life and that of your loved ones. 

 Now that the rubber has hit the road becoming a successful real estate agent can be a daunting task. So the big question is, How do you land your first client when you have zero experience? How do you generate leads for your company when you have no client success stories to share and market? 


 There’s good news. Every real estate agent started with the same questions, and with some good networking and marketing, you can overcome these startup jitters.

 Real Estate Lead Generation will be the cornerstone of your business. Let me provide a guide to generating leads as a new real estate agent. If you need additional help, contact The Fields Agency. We are your local Elk Grove Marketing Agency, and we’ll help you build your real estate business!

 Rule One: Network, Network & then Network some more 

 Before we start talking about marketing strategy, there’s one crucial thing you need to remember about leads: 

 You cannot buy them!

 No, you cannot buy leads online, mail, email, phone (cold calling) or any other form of contacting future clients. Sorry, there are no shortcuts.

 Good leads come from the people with whom you’ve developed meaningful relationships. You must nurture these relationships as they will generate repeat and referral business – which, on average, accounts for about 90% of all real estate transactions.

 Below are some places to find these relationships:

Volunteer locally

Join your local chamber of commerce 

Join Meetup group

Go to an open house 

Network on Linkedin

Network on Alignable 


Now you’re off to a good start and have a good networking strategy we need to market and turn these contacts into new business. We’ll cover the second phase in part 2 of this blog. Stay tuned!


For additional help contact The Fields Agency, Your trusted local marketing partner.