How to save money on PPC

Yes, you heard it right, we have compiled a list of different ways you can conserve money on your Google Ads. For small and large advertisers, PPC and digital marketing boil down to how you can make less money go farther. Even seasoned advertisers continually look for different ways to maximize their campaigns and save money. Most of the time, for small businesses, this is the difference between success and failure. So let’s dive right in.


  1. Find new keywords to Target

In saving enough money, most advertisers will look to reduce their spending or lower their bids. One of the best strategies you can try to save more money is to find new targeted keywords to focus on. Focusing on new keyword niches along with targeting long tail keywords can create an amazing impact on your click-through rates which will raise quality scores and reduce costs.


  1. device targeting and optimize bids for mobile

one thing you should focus on your account optimizations is your device targetting settings. Everybody wants good service and goods as they go about their day, and even searches that convert from desktop may have actually begun on a mobile device. Once you have made sure that your device targetting setting are organized, you should then look to your bids. Mobile CPCs, which were previously at low prices, are now steadily climbing which means that increased mobile traffic and competition, so make sure to keep your mobile bidding strategy is not losing money on very high bids for your business.


  1. Write better ad copies

One of the best strategies when it comes to the marketing business is writing excellent ad copies. Better ad copies mean better CTR, which will increase your quality score. Quality score is one of the only metrics that advertisers should focus on to run more cost-effective campaigns.


  1. Maximize your extension

Since we are diving into quality scores, our next money saver strategy is to use your ad extensions to make those adds more clickable. There are a lot of extensions available on Google so this means it can cater to whatever business you have or what you are trying to sell. There are a number of extensions you can use to help your ads stand out.


  1. Campaign Geolocation Settings

Adwords’ Geolocation settings are quite amazing. They allow you to display your ads on specific areas or locations. Geolocation settings are also among the most overlooked features in AdWords, and many advertisers either improperly set geolocation parameters, or fail to apply them to their campaigns at all. One thing to think about is to set the optimal hours of operation for your business. This is ideal for businesses or those advertising goods or services sold from a brick-and-mortar store or physical location.


  1. Use Dayparting with Geolocation

Dayparting maximizes your business’ visibility especially during different times of the day which is ideal for advertisers who want to drive traffic to a store. With the help of Dayparting, you can wield a high degree of control on where and when you can show your ads to a specific set of users or potential customers. Unfortunately, with this level of control, you also need a high level of vigilance and greater focus so you won’t be sabotaging your own efforts.


  1. Negative Keyword Conflicts Report

Most likely, some of you may be using negative keywords for some time. or should at least be thinking about it if you’re new to paid search. But, have you also made a negative keyword report? if not, some of those negative keywords might actually cost you money if they aren’t costing you money already.


  1. Avoid Overly Broad Matches

A great problem that could really hurt your PPC marketing is bad match typing. Overly broad keyword match types can hurt your PPC marketing and have a great effect on your budget so be sure to set your match types appropriately. Some search terms will naturally be competitive and more expensive than others. So it’s definitely worth it to refine your keyword matches.


  1. A/B Tests

In your journey for statistical significance most advertisers leave  A/B tests running far longer than necessary. Which may be the result of uncertainty or hesitation when it is about the result of a specific test or simple forgetfulness. Concluding your A/B tests is necces Launch Call-Only Campaigns since the longer the tests run, the lesser the chance of major gains and as results from changes to your ads or landing pages tend to normalize over time. So don’t be afraid to cut unproductive ads or typically ads that didn’t make the cut.


  1. Launch Call-Only Campaigns

One fatal weakness of landing pages are that they are often the leakiest part of the conversion funnel which means that visitors are more likely to abandon their purchases or carts when presented with a landing page even if it is well optimized or beautiful and creative. So what can you do? Get rid of your landing pages entirely. Call only campaigns are perfect if you are looking to drive phone calls from their PPC campaigns. This make better sense rather than wasting prospects’ time by sending them to a landing page form they may never complete, you can launch a Call-Only campaign that lets prospective customers call your business directly from your ads, eliminating the leaky landing page problem altogether.


  1. Start Remarketing

If you are not trying to remarket yourself or your product to your visitors or who came to your site and left before converting, you’re essentially spending all this time, money, and effort into attempting to persuade prospects to convert during a single session. Remarketing is most likely one of the best ways to save money on your PPC Marketing and make your existing budget work more effectively.


  1.  Stacked Bid Modifiers

Stacked bidding allows you to set bids on 2 or more match types for a single keyword. Broad matches will offer greater volume, while exact match types offer much accurate relevance, so there’s definitely a case to be made for stacked bidding. But sometimes in some cases, you might be paying excessively for or some keywords if you’re using stacked bidding, especially if you’ve left your account unattended for a prolonged period of time. So go through your accounts or campaigns and find those keywords you’re going after with stacked bids.


  1. Spend time on your PPC accounts

For our last money saver tip, we give you a no-brainer. You would definitely be amazed by the number of small businesses that don’t even bother to log into AdWords at least once per week. Spending more time on your Google  accounts allows you to discover and fix potential problems that might occur or is occurring and thus fix major budgeting problems that could account in your account.


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