Marketing your RV business during the off seasons

Whether you own an RV park or an RV dealership, you know that there are months in the year that your website or store becomes a ghost town. After your peak season ends, a duration of slow business begins, and who’s to say this year’s customers will come back to you when the next season comes around? it is a hard thought to think about. 

Don’t let that thought muck up your state of mind. There are great ways to work around this, so instead of worrying too much on overthinking the outcomes, spend this precious time advertising! A big mistake business owners make is when they choose to lie on their backs during their off season instead of using this set back as a springboard to reel in customers for the next season. Here are a few tips on how to get out of this slump and prep for your upcoming peak season.


Grow your database during your peak season

While you are at the top of your peak season, also use this time to step up your databases. So while you are going about your business as usual and getting things along as planned, you have to be aware of the value opportunity to grow your database. Getting a long list of previous customers and campers that have expressed interest in your business will allow you to manage your sales funnels in the off-season and allow you to pursue fresh leads for your next peak season.

Creating an email list from your website to continue getting your customers attached is very essential. Also ensuring that there are enough CTAs (call to action) for individuals to keep in touch with you. One piece of advice we could give is by letting them subscribe to an email list or blog or even give them promos for being a loyal customer of yours whether you are in your off season or not. you can even create a social media account dedicated for your RV business, this will allow you to stay on top of things and growing your list will also establish your web of contacts and customers to allow you to prepare yourself during the off season and propel your Rv business during the next peak season.


Stay connected all year round

It is very important to still remain in contact with your customers even in your off season. Your customers don’t really disappear during your off-season so considering your social media as your main storefront will not only help you keep in touch with your customers but reel in new ones as well. For as your customers aren’t always inside your store, they will surely be on social media checking their news feeds! Use this means as leverage and be on social media platforms like facebook and twitter to stay on your customer’s minds all year round. You can also breed excitement through this by launching special discounts, promos, competitions and create hype for your next peek season.


Gather customer reviews

Now a happy customer will always bring you more customers, so during your peak season, or during the decline of your peak season, it is always good to get customer reviews and recommendations. This gives you a new perspective on how your customers look at your RV business and even get new ideas from them. Ask your customers to review your service and products so you can show your potential customers that you provide great service and will also resonate with your off season clients.

You can use these stories and reviews for your blogs, email list and even social media. If you want an extra boost, you can also ask customers to post pictures or videos of their experience in your business. You can also ask them to review your RV through a video and post it on facebook. The more content you get from your customers, the more marketing material you are making and better prepared you will be for off peak seasons.


Email is important

Although others deem this to be as one of the older means of online communications, this is in fact still a great way to connect with your customers and keep them up to date with the current events happening in your RV business. You can even send them discounts or promotions to help you prepare for your peak season and still have their attention during your off season. Just be sure to have high-quality content and not make it like a sales pitch every day, otherwise they’ll just consider it as a spam message and unsubscribe to your list.


Generate Off-Season Hype

Getting your customers all riled up for an event or a particular promo will definitely bring your RV business good money. During your off season, you can give them offseason discounts or promotions so you can bring in more customers or you can even give timed events that will make them hold on to you even during your off season. This also provides you with a great means of getting hype for your peak season deals and gets you a better set up for your peak season. You can bet you’ll have an audience excitedly planning the time they can take advantage of your products and providers again.