The medical field is very competitive which is why you will need all the online traffic that you can possibly get and that’s where digital marketing comes in. You’ll need a steady flow of patients in order to pay the high upkeep so the more people that search for your office online, the better.

Medical digital marketing is the best way for you to attract new clients with the most reasonable price possible. Here are some tips:

Social Media

Social media Marketing is a cheap and convenient way for you to market your medical practice to your existing clients and is also a great way to gain new followers. You can use your social media accounts to tell your existing patients about new services and offerings, remind them of upcoming appointments, and also share advice for healthier living. If your followers think that your content is useful, they might share the post and in turn help you reach a wider audience. Social media can also help you stay relevant to your existing clients in order to keep regular flow of patients even if you aren’t getting new clients.


Community Outreach

Doing community outreach programs such as a fun run for heart health is a great way for you to advertise your medical practice and also increase awareness of health issues which your business can tackle. When sponsoring a community outreach program, make sure that you contact all of your local newspapers in order to spread the word and gather more participants. Publish a press release online and include links that will lead users to your website. Backlinking will gradually increase your website’s search engine ranking, traffic, and conversions.


Business Directories

You need your medical business to appear high on Google and other search engines results pages for local keywords. In order to do this, you will need to have a lot of pages online that mentions your web address in order to reinforce the relevance of your business for local search queries. The best way to do this is by claiming the profile of your business on the local business directories and make sure that each profile has complete and correct contact information for your practice.


Website Content

The content that you post on your website should always be original. Good website content marketing is one of the simplest yet most powerful marketing techniques that can help your medical practice. Every time you post content on your site, it will give you the opportunity to appear among search engine queries for that article’s target keyword. Having compelling and useful information will also increase your web traffic and in turn help you get more clients. If you don’t know what to write, you can write a post about all the products and services that your medical practice has to offer, and explain the benefits of the services.

Search Engine Advertising

It’s almost impossible to rank at the top spot on Google for all of your target keyword phrases just by doing SEO, regardless of how good your content is. To appear on the results page for your most important keywords, you will need to do some Search Engine Advertising.  Search Engine Advertising is a great and affordable way for you to rank higher and get a chance to appear on the search results, and you only pay when people click your advertisements.


Not all of your website visitors will call for an appointment immediately, since they might only be looking for general information or still considering their options. If a person is interested in your practice and visits your website, they may become a patient with a little convincing on your part. Retargeting is an advertising system that will follow your website’s visitors on the web and show them advertisements for your medical practice when they visit other sites on the same retargeting network.

Guest Blogging

If you’re having trouble thinking of new blog topics for your own website, try guest blogging. Websites such as health websites, newspapers and other medical related publishers almost always accept guest posts from doctors. Content written by a doctor is considered authoritative and will even increase the publisher’s reputation. If your guest content will be published on sites with large audiences, do it in exchange for links to your websites which will generate clicks and improve your site’s search engine ranking.


Live Events

Hosting live events can help you increase your website’s traffic and help you gather more interest for your practice. You can make a Facebook page for your business and use it as a live streaming platform in order to reach a wider audience in a simple and convenient manner. You can also use Facebook to advertise your upcoming live events to help create more buzz. If you don’t know what kind of live events to do, you can hold a live discussion on how to avoid and/or live with chronic medical conditions, or on simple matters such as how to avoid the flu during flu season.


Answer Questions Online

This day and age, people go on the internet to have most of their questions answered and most of the answers they find on the lack credibility. As a doctor, you can join question-and-answer websites so you can provide answers to a wide variety of patients and in turn, you can link it to your website. The links that you gain from providing answers won’t exactly help your website’s search engine ranking, but it can provide a steady flow of visitors from people who want to learn more about your practice.


Video Marketing

On Google’s search results pages, Youtube is given special priority since Google receives revenue. When using the search engine, you can almost always see a Youtube video on the top search result page. Videos are a great way to gain fast access to information which is why they’ve become so popular. Take advantage by uploading informational videos. They don’t need a large budget to make since you can use your own smartphone camera. These videos can help gain a wider audience for your practice and also help gain awareness for specific issues. Video marketing is also a great way to rank higher for highly competitive keywords.


Email Marketing

You need a database to compile all of your potential, new, and existing patient’s email addresses as well as their other contact information. Add forms on your website that will invite your visitors to be a part of your mailing list and use a mailing service such as Mail Chimp or Constant Contact to organize the information you collect. These programs also allow you to seperate your list and send targeted correspondence.