Home improvement service professionals usually don’t have the time to do their own marketing and lead generation and usually ask an outside party to do their marketing strategies for them. Even with that in mind, there are still simple things you can do in order to market your services to the public without neglecting your existing projects.


1) Make your service trucks and trailers advertise for you.

By advertising your business on your trucks and trailers, you can gather prospective new clients while driving around town and working on existing jobs. Using vehicle wraps and truck-side billboards is a great marketing technique that isn’t being taking advantage of by a lot of companies and there are many service vehicles that don’t have any signage at all; those that do, only have the bare minimum of information about their services such as the company name and the contact number. Here are some tips when designing your service trucks’ and trailers’ advertisements.


  • You should use an original and captivating headline to grab people’s attention.
  • When designing the visuals of the truck, use bold and colorful images that can grab attention and elicit a reaction.
  • Put a clear call to action and also an offer that will entice potential clients to use your services.
  • Provide your contact information so the potential clients can easily contact you.
  • Make it easy for prospects to access your contact information.


2) Introduce your company to the neighborhood whenever you start a job.

Homes that are located in a cluster in the same neighborhood were usually constructed around the same time frame and constructed by the same contractor which means they share similar features  and may have the same repair needs. When working on a client’s home, look for other potential clients in the area.


3) Be prepared with a ‘mobile showroom’ to shorten the sales cycle.

While your crew is working on different projects, always make sure that they have a mobile showroom, which includes before-and-after shots of your best projects, the equipment and high-quality materials used, an updated price list, and a collection of customer feedback. So whenever a prospective client walks up to you or your crew during a project, you will be able to do your sales pitch immediately.


4) Show off your stellar work and continue consistent communication.

When you are finished with a new project, make sure to repeat step number 2, and send a direct mail to prospective clients in the surrounding area of the job site. Make sure that you show the prospective clients the before and after of your work. Make sure to always aim marketing techniques to all of your prospects but do not bombard them with ads since it might annoy them and prevent them from using your service.