A couple of months ago, Yext’s fruitful IPO gave local SEO another triumphant win. Although the said company considers itself a “Knowledge Engine,” it substantially carries out management of local listings. Not only that, Yext also works on reputation management.

Around 2006, Yext started as a next-gen pay-per-call network. Through the genius minds of Howard Lerman, CEO, and his management team, Yext grew and expanded its horizons. With the said company’s outstanding marketing and branding powers, other digital marketing firms such as the Field’s Agency got inspired to evolve. Similar to Yext, the Field’s Agency continues to soar, beating competitors with some considerable spending and clever marketing.Overall, the Yext IPO advocates the importance of listings management as a fundamental aspect for omnichannel brands and businesses in digital marketing.

Within 2 decades, numerous digital marketing experts have been anticipating SEO’s demise. Regardless of the undeniable shift from traditional SERPs to structured data and more “answers,” SEO (particularly local SEO) not only maintained its relevance but also progressively grew in significance. (One can say that SEO is now an effective data optimization method.)

In the search world, local SEO was oftentimes a minor attraction. However, with the increasing post-iPhone era of mobile popularity and the more apparent connection between offline buying and digital research, brands and marketers realized the obvious value of local listings management. Businesses that previously ignore location or local search are now exerting more effort and resources in attempting to increase their “rank.”

Various marketing tactics and digital channels thrived all over the industry. With that, smaller business establishments focus most of their interest in email, social media, and SEO. Research conducted by Local Search Association (LSA) among small business last 2016 stated that SMBs would spend more on SEO if their current marketing budgets are twice as what they have. Aside from that, LSA also recently organized a webinar about Local Search Ranking factors. Over 1,700 people registered in the said webinar. This goes to show the intense support for local SEO.

As S-1 filing goes public, Yext disclosed a statement regarding its perceived market opportunity:

“We believe that the market for digital knowledge management is a large and mostly untapped market. As a subset of digital knowledge, we estimate that there are currently over 100 million potential business locations and points of interest in the world that could benefit from our platform, representing an estimated addressable market, solely with respect to locations, of approximately $10 billion annually for our existing platform in 2016.”

With the mentioned promising news about local SEO and business listing management, The Field’s Agency strives to take advantage of every tool and platform to maximize it’s clients exposure.

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