Various use cases thrive in the world of technology. With that, big and small businesses, including the Field’s Agency, now welcome location-based technology with open arms.

Nowadays, location-based technology is opening a new door of opportunities among marketers. In the form of geofilters, geo-targeting, and location data, this new breakthrough might be complicated, but new use cases develop each day.

To better understand what location-based offers are truly all about, understanding geofencing is a must.

Geofencing Definition

Geofencing is a method of utilizing global positioning (GPS) or radio frequency identification (RFID) in order to define geographic borders, acting as a virtual barrier. Once installed, the controller can assemble triggers that send an app notification, an email alert, or a text message each time a mobile device enters that designated geographic area. After which, businesses may communicate with the devices inside that specific area, but why?

Geofencing Uses

Geofencing is the means of engaging potential customers at a particular location. As a result, it may significantly trigger instant sales boost and shopping mentality awareness to consumers. For instance, a business establishment may set up a geo-fence in a spot within its exact location. As mobile users pass by that location, the geo-fence system sends an alert or a deal to the users’ mobile phone. This location-triggered alert most likely influences these users to stop and drop by that establishment.

Auto dealers, realtors, and brick-and-mortar retailers can greatly benefit from this marketing tactic. They could use a geo-fence to aim at consumers who turned down a deal from their competitors after looking for a product. With geo-fences, venders can send these consumers with a perfectly timed offer.

If geo-fenced alerts didn’t illicit any consumer reaction, they still give information about the exact locations a consumer passed by, including the area when they received the alert. This then eases the geo-fencing target strategies of businesses establishments in the future.

 Geofencing  Among Brands in the Market

Today, geofencing is not limited towards alerting customers nearby its stores with its enticing offers or discounts. Geofencing’s use now has widened.

For instance, a product called ShowBook geo-fences the different tour stops of a recording artist by collecting and organizing the social media content generated by fans in each tour stop.  Doing this determines what makes the most fans happy. This also allows brands a better method to advertise their products in real-time with crowds.

Apart from major enterprises, smaller-scale businesses also make use of geofencing. Simpli.Fi is an example. In this case, geofencing powers focus on advertisers who plan to customize their target customers in a local level.

With all these diverse emerging tools in geofencing, local businessmen and Sacramento digital marketers such as The Fields Agency now have abundant alternatives to discover and develop custom geo-targeted marketing plans for companies of any size.

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