During the last quarter of the year, companies tend to look back on their marketing activities and evaluate the results of each. For others, they also prepare their strategies for the to following year, although this move is necessary as well as it is strategic, this often times causes the company’s focus to shift on the preparations for next year’s marketing strategy rather than the current quarter. Being prepared for the future is a good trait to have, but keeping sight of the present is still equally important.


This norm is the perfect opportunity to break away and get yourself a competitive edge during this fourth quarter of the year. Here we give you a few reasons why you should break away and keep a strong marketing push for your last quarter.


3 Reasons why you should market in the fourth quarter


  1. Spending deadlines

At the end of the year, sometimes other departments of the company will have an excess budget that have not been allocated yet. Most managers will keep looking for other opportunities to spend this money or otherwise lose it as the year ends.


  1. Budget consideration for next year

The last few months of the year is also time for companies to focus on their budget efforts as well as map out their spending for the next year. Your staff along with your managers will most likely look for the best ways to get the most of their budget. To make sure they do, try kicking off marketing campaigns focused on how your products/services address key pain points and will deliver future success.


  1. Marketing momentum

Whether you are preparing for next year or simply trying to squeeze a sale for your last quarter and get the most out of it, Your products and services must remain top of mind with your customers and prospects. The key here is consistent communication with your target audiences to make sure that you get every opportunity for a sale.


Important campaigns

It is very important to keep your marketing game even when it hits the Q4. to make sure you don’t just communicate for the sake of communicating, you should always offer your audience something of interest. You need to treat your database with respect and being intrusive when you communicate with your audience. So to avoid this mistake, give them something useful or something of interest like including items such as topical white papers, articles, webinars, and demos.


Marketing strong all year long

Whether you are wrapping up this year or preparing so you can get a head start next year, remember to keep your marketing strong throughout the year including your Q4. Always remember to be consistent when it comes to your audience so you can build and maintain your brand recognition as well as your value proposition.