So you’ve started a new business and are ready to take over the world. Get a website, find your office, buy business cards, and hire staff. You now need customers, but they’re saying you can’t be found – Why is this?


Frankly, you haven’t been putting a great deal of energy into developing your online portfolio. You’ve been busy building your business, and these things often get overlooked.


Here’s a couple of reasons you may not be on page one of the Google indexed lists, also called “a dead zone” for SEO:


  1. Your Site is Poorly Optimized for Search Engines


Site improvement includes various components. However, one way a site could be inadequately enhanced for pursuit is by stacking very gradually.


An upgraded site shouldn’t take over 2 seconds to stack.


This guarantees searchers don’t jump back to the web crawler results page (SERP) for a more straightforward answer.


  1. You Have No Authority from Backlinks


What’s a backlink? It’s somebody referencing you on their site with a blue, underlined hyperlink pointing “back” to your site. Consider it another person vouching for you and the more quality websites backlinking to your business, the more authority you have.


  1. You Don’t Utilize Online Directories


An online reference is a posting, sometimes free, of your business that web indexes reference and can help your site to organically rank.


Think Yellow Pages or Four Square. These directories not only compliment your SEO efforts but they also provide a space for your customers/clients to review your products/services.


  1. Your Site Doesn’t Prioritize User Experience


If your site isn’t responsive, then you’re fighting a losing battle. If visitors can’t access your information from a variety of different devices, then you’re not only going to lose business, but you’ll also compromise your rank on search engines.


If any of the above seems overwhelming or you don’t have the time to dedicate to constructing or improving your SEO efforts, you’re not alone! Why waste time trying to learn how to do what the Fields Agency does best? Let us help you get back to what’s most important – running your business! We can take it from here.