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Your Outsourced Digital Marketing Department

Welcome to The Fields Agency. With a combined 60 years of industry knowledge, it is our goal to create a unique experience for our clients.

As a business owner/ manager you have three options: One hire an onsite staff, two outsource to an agency, or three hire a consultant. The downside of an onsite staff is the high price of hiring, training, and sustaining quality staff members. When outsourcing to a traditional agency you must understand that your account manager could have up to 35 additional clients, making it almost impossible to learn your business and provide the best solutions. Your traditional consultant will have a similar issue although they are business savvy, few of them are marketing experts. In many cases your project will be handed off to an agency resulting in the same issue above.

We decided to take a different approach; Offering our services as contractors not an oversized company. Providing that one on one connection needed to maximize effectiveness. We also come with a rolodex of some of the brightest minds in the business. The fusion of our combined skills and resources allow us to complete projects of any size with a hybrid mix of consulting, project management, and implementation.

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