In the world of business, growth is vital to success. Your goal is to attract your intended audience’s attention and turn that attention into sales. With the advancement of technology, comes the rise of computers and artificial intelligence that makes our lives easier, which also applies to the world of marketing. Gone are the days of door to door salesmen and cold callings, but even so the vital part of human behavior is still the same.

Still the same

In the old days, direct mail marketing was the most efficient way to get a customer’s attention. Through trial and error, they have found the best tactics in order to grab a client’s attention which is the first step to landing a sale. In today’s world of digital marketing, it’s the same as the old school direct mail marketing; the only thing that has changed is the medium being used.

Trial and error

We don’t mean that you should intentionally make mistakes. What we mean is that you should take time and effort to do some trials in order to test out new tactics in order to find out what works best. Through the means of trial and error you will be able to try out new digital marketing techniques in an effort to find new audiences and a better way to generate leads.

Focus is vital

There will always be distractions, but in order to succeed, you need to focus on key areas such as:

  • You should have traffic coming in from different sources, in order to make sure that you won’t be drastically affected if a problem occurs in one channel.
  • You should always create your own original compelling content.
  • The original content that you have created should be monitored, shared in order to reach a wider audience, and create engagement between you and your audience.
  • You should monitor your conversion rates and always strive to improve it by testing out new tactics.


Now we’ll be talking about the 5 marketing tips that can help you increase your sales


#1. Create an online quiz

Online quizzes are all over the net these days. Almost all of us have seen and even tried a Buzzfeed quiz. Why not? They’re fun, entertaining, easy to share and don’t take too much time to complete. An online quiz should have a compelling question that will grab your audience’s attention and force engagement. You might be wondering what would you gain from people taking your online quizzes but it’s actually a great yet simple growth tactic, in order to build your email list.


#2. Improve sales conversions with a better payment cart page

Increasing the number of viewers isn’t the only vital part in your quest to increasing sales. Having the attention of a large audience is important but what you do with that attention in order to turn it into revenue is key to your success. To do this, you have to optimize your entire marketing plan.

Replacing the PayPal checkout with your own can help significantly improve your conversion rate.


#3.  Grow your traffic by getting more Twitter & Facebook followers

You might be wondering if Twitter is still a good platform for marketing. The answer to that is “yes” but the question is “how?”

By using Social Media Marketing, you’ll be able to grow your email list by having a larger social media audience. You’ll also be able to get more page views through search engines, which are all crucial to your online marketing plan. Increasing your social media followers will help build your brand awareness and your influence in the industry.


#4. Scaling your efforts with automated webinars

An efficient webinar that could help your revenue does two things; first they educate, and second, they sell. Automated webinars save time, money and allow you to attract clients/customers while allowing you to still focus on your business.


#5. Pop ups that convert

Reaching your audience is becoming harder and harder, that’s why one of the best ways to grab people’s attention is through pop-ups with calls to actions and offers. Nothing stops a person from leaving your site faster than a 25% off coupon pop-up.


In summary

In today’s digital marketing landscape, everything can change with a snap of the fingers. The effectiveness of your marketing tactics, the online reach and influence, and the platform algorithms can change almost instantly. So you must be prepared and flexible. Success isn’t reached overnight. Don’t be afraid to try new things, test new tactics, and adapt to the situation.