What is Geofencing?

What is Geofencing? Simple fact, Companies thrive who stay on the cutting edge of new technology. With that, big and small businesses, including The Field’s Agency, now welcome location-based marketing with open arms. Nowadays, location-based marketing is opening new doors … Read More

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Why Is Local SEO So Hard?

How to Gain and Maintain Dominance in Local SEO Gone are the days when local businesses got high rankings in Google’s search engine results easily. Before, doing simple tasks, such as creating a website for a business, listing such website … Read More

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10 Tips to Improve Your Web Design

Been itching to give your website a makeover, but the problem is you have no idea where to begin? Well here is a good solution for you. Web Development and Digital Marketing Experts, The Fields Agency have offered some simple … Read More

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Outsourced_Digital_Marketing_Department The Fields agency

Outsourced Digital Marketing Department

Your Outsourced Digital Marketing Department Welcome to The Fields Agency. With a combined 60 years of industry knowledge, it is our goal to create a unique experience for our clients. As a business owner/ manager you have three options: One … Read More

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(SEO Tips) What is Keyword Research?

Keyword Research is crucial to any search marketing campaign. Almost all leads and sales begin with words being typed into a search box triggering an auction.  The winners of said of auction will be granted the reward  of prime real … Read More

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Google Posts now Available on Google My Business

Google Posts launched in January 2016 under the name ‘’candidate cards’’ but it is primarily accessible for political candidates to post content due to political search queries. Months afterwards, the features were available for limited number of small businesses and … Read More

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Local SEO’s Proven Worth With Yext IPO

A couple of months ago, Yext’s fruitful IPO gave local SEO another triumphant win. Although the said company considers itself a “Knowledge Engine,” it substantially carries out management of local listings. Not only that, Yext also works on reputation management. … Read More

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Geofencing _Sacramento_The-Fields-Agency

How Geofencing Can Help Grow Your Business

Various use cases thrive in the world of technology. With that, big and small businesses, including the Field’s Agency, now welcome location-based technology with open arms. Nowadays, location-based technology is opening a new door of opportunities among marketers. In the … Read More

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Digital marketing vocabulary 101

Welcome to The Fields Agency, Your digital marketing partner. On this blog we will offer  a vast array of digital marketing strategies, industry news, and best practices. Before we get in into the meat of growing your brand and business, … Read More

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