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What is SEO Worth?

Most website owners, choose to focus on SEO over paid advertising. This is due to the long-term benefits SEO offers to each of their sites.   According to one study, 81% of users find sites through search engines. If it … Read More

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SEO Tips (6 Reasons to Outsource)

    6 great benefits of outsourcing to an SEO company Running a Search Engine Optimization campaign can be very tricky, time-consuming and requires special skills. Most business owners or startups have a difficult time managing SEO on their own … Read More


Marketing For Medical Practices

The medical field is very competitive which is why you will need all the online traffic that you can possibly get and that’s where digital marketing comes in. You’ll need a steady flow of patients in order to pay the … Read More


What Is Answer Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization has been around ever since the 90’s and after more than two decades later it is still here today, but with the evolution of technology it has brought along with it a new type of digital marketing. … Read More


3 Web Design Tips for Google’s Mobile-first indexing

SEO is one of the best ways to advertise your business and has been for many years now. SEO specialists have spent years in perfecting their craft in an attempt to find more customers online for their clients using SEO … Read More


What to look for when hiring an SEO agency

On average, organic search accounts for the 51% of online traffic that brands receive. SEO is becoming more and more important for any type of business, that’s why experts assume that investments in SEO services are expected to rise to … Read More


What is Structured Data?

What Exactly is Structured Data? We know that it allows search engines to crawl your website, but what does it does really? Basically, it helps search engine to truly understand the content of your web page. There are some elements … Read More


The History of Google Algorithm Updates, Explained

Google is something we all couldn’t live without, and one of its many useful features is its ranking algorithms which changes regularly, almost on a daily basis. If you are new to the world of SEO then this will help … Read More


How Much Does SEO Costs?

We’ve all wondered “how much does SEO costs?” since it isn’t as simple as just starting a direct e-mail campaign. SEO is a complicated marketing strategy, but is also one of the most effective today. It is not as measurable … Read More


Why Is Local SEO So Hard?

How to Gain and Maintain Dominance in Local SEO Gone are the days when local businesses got high rankings in Google’s search engine results easily. Before, doing simple tasks, such as creating a website for a business, listing such website … Read More