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How to Market your Franchise on Google My Business

For modern consumers, looking for products and services have never been easier. The internet gives them a wide selection of different products and services. Search engines play an important role throughout the purchasing process of each customer. Proper use of … Read More

6 Summer Marketing Tips For Small Business_The Fields Agency

6 Summer Marketing Tips For Small Business

Summer is a great time to focus on new marketing and branding strategies that can help your business either big or small. In some industries, you notice an increase in sales and general business activity during the summer, so here … Read More


4 Marketing Ideas For Home Improvement Companies

Home improvement service professionals usually don’t have the time to do their own marketing and lead generation and usually ask an outside party to do their marketing strategies for them. Even with that in mind, there are still simple things … Read More


Why Google Places is Important for Brick & Mortar Digital Marketing

As a business owner, the first thing you need to do is let people know where your business is physically located. By using Google Places you will be able to get listed on Google Maps which can have a lot … Read More

12 Real Estate Digital Marketing Ideas for 2018_The Fields Agency

12 Real Estate Digital Marketing Ideas for 2018

We live in an digital, where most people can’t spend a day without going on the internet, which makes online marketing a great way to advertise their products and service, but the only problem is how to get the right … Read More


What is Geofencing?

What is Geofencing? Simple fact, Companies thrive who stay on the cutting edge of new technology. With that, big and small businesses, including The Field’s Agency, now welcome location-based marketing with open arms. Nowadays, location-based marketing is opening new doors … Read More


Why Is Local SEO So Hard?

How to Gain and Maintain Dominance in Local SEO Gone are the days when local businesses got high rankings in Google’s search engine results easily. Before, doing simple tasks, such as creating a website for a business, listing such website … Read More


Google Posts now Available on Google My Business

Google Posts launched in January 2016 under the name ‘’candidate cards’’ but it is primarily accessible for political candidates to post content due to political search queries. Months afterwards, the features were available for limited number of small businesses and … Read More


Local SEO’s Proven Worth With Yext IPO

A couple of months ago, Yext’s fruitful IPO gave local SEO another triumphant win. Although the said company considers itself a “Knowledge Engine,” it substantially carries out management of local listings. Not only that, Yext also works on reputation management. … Read More

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How Geofencing Can Help Grow Your Business

Various use cases thrive in the world of technology. With that, big and small businesses, including the Field’s Agency, now welcome location-based technology with open arms. Nowadays, location-based technology is opening a new door of opportunities among marketers. In the … Read More