There are countless decisions a business owner will have to make when it comes to their business’s online marketing campaign, especially concerning their company’s website which is the foundation of an online presence.

When creating a website or just updating it, here are some simple yet crucial tips that you would need to remember in order to make sure that your website will become successful in connecting with your current and potential clients.


  1. Have Only One Website

A website is considered as the digital headquarters of your business, that’s why it should be easily located by your clients and always, be online so they will be able to access it whenever they need it. If you have multiple websites, you’ll will encounter these problems:

  • Having multiple websites might cause confusion with your customers since they may not know which one is the right one to use.


  • You will not be able to accurately measure the online traffic growth of your website, and you won’t be able to drive traffic effectively since there are multiple points of contact.


  • You won’t be trusted by search engines, and in turn it won’t show your website during search queries. You need to have a website that will deliver consistent, accurate, and trustworthy information so it will appear during search engine queries.

If you already have an old website, but want to make a new one from scratch, make sure that you take down the old website since it might cause confusion for your customers.


  1. Own Your Own Domain

A domain is like your website’s address; it’s what people will type on the browser in order to go to your website. An example of a domain is “” If you don’t own the domain, the user will have to type something like “” which is longer and might be harder for users to remember which will affect your branding.

Your website domain can be owned by another party so you wouldn’t have to buy the website domain, but this won’t give you complete control over your website and would give you a hard time to establish credibility with online visitors and would make it more difficult to gain the trust of search engines which is crucial to your success.


  1. Build Your Website for Your Customer

When creating the website, you have to keep in mind how to promote your business to your customers. You have to make sure that your website will be able to convey how they will benefit from your business and make them understand the value of your product or services will give to them.

Your website should be satisfying and engaging, easy to navigate, and should retain visitors to make them come back for more.


  1. Think of Your Website as an Experience

A website isn’t just something that gives customers information about your business, it’s also an experience that a visitor will have concerning your business, that they will use to gather information that will help them make future decisions concerning your business.

You will have to make sure that your website will deliver information to your clients and also show them what your business can do for them, in an easy and hassle-free way. Here are some tips in order to do just that:

  • Design your website’s navigation bar to be intuitive that should focus on what your users will be looking for in your website.
  • When designing your website, avoid stuff like auto-play music/videos and/or full-screen popups, which may annoy the user.
  • Have internal links on your website so the user will have an easier time navigating your website and won’t have to return to the homepage or press the back button every single time.
  • Make sure that your website will function properly on all devices.


  1. Use Original Content

Content Marketing is a vital part of your overall online marketing strategy, that’s why it is crucial that all of the content on your website is original content and never taken from another website, since it is considered plagiarism and will hurt your reputation in the long run. Also, don’t duplicate content from another one of your online channels, since this can cause compromise your SEO.

Content must be high-quality, but that doesn’t mean that it should be complicated. Content that is helpful and informative, but at the same time is easily understandable is important.


  1. Make it Easy for Website Visitors to Engage

Your website must be easy to navigate, if you have a website that is complicated the user may not be able to browse efficiently. If your website can easily be used then the user will have a higher chance to get what they are looking for which will build trust with your brand and help you in the long run. As we mentioned earlier, your website isn’t just a tool to give information to customers, but a means for you to interact with your potential customers.

Making your website easy to understand and to navigate can help you turn potential leads into sales for your business. You want your website to be hassle-free for customers, easy to understand, and provide what they are looking for.