The year-end holidays are fast approaching. This time of year gives retailers the chance to get their paid social strategies in place. Here are 5 Social advertising tips for  Q4:


  1. Facebook as your testing ground

Almost everybody is on Facebook which makes it a very consistent and predictable platform for advertisers. You can use this as a lead indicator to see how customers will react when it comes to your aesthetics, products, offers, promos and so on. During this holiday season, conduct your social tests here. Assess the best elements and bring those to other platforms.


  1. Optimize your conversion flow

If you are a retail or e-commerce store, traffic from your social ads will skyrocket more than any other time of the year which will give you the opportunity to test the elements of your conversion funnel for a short period. When it comes to Q4, it is best to start testing early so you can manage the upcoming heavy spending days during the holiday season.


  1. Use carousel ads

Potential customers online and offline will be bombarded in Q4. You must be able to tell a compelling story that will highlight your products and services to grab the attention of your viewers and garner more clicks with your ads. You can accomplish this through Facebook and IG’s carousel ads to encourage digital “window-shopping.”


  1. December 5 & 12 Big online shopping days

During this time, a lot of retailers prepare for Black Friday and Cyber Monday or the Cyber week, but they tend to forget other days that will bring them huge volumes of traffic. The 2 Mondays after Cyber week are big traffic drivers for businesses so be prepared to capture those customers and get your conversions.


  1. Promote products on Pinterest

Ideally, you want to put your social ads money on the products that are more likely to catch on and bring sales; this is where Pinterest comes in. Pinterest offers you the means to know which of your products are already pinned, repinned and like throughout the web.


You can use these insights to know which of your products are worthy of putting your money on. This will increase product demand that can drive through Pinterest even if the conversion comes from another platform.