As a content marketing specialist, your job is to write persuasive content that will turn online visitors into leads and then hopefully into sales. Writing content that can lead to sales isn’t all that hard; here are a few simple tips.

1. Think of a captivating title.

The title is the most crucial factor when it comes to influencing your readers; since a lot of people may not even read your content if they don’t think that your content doesn’t have a captivating title. 8 out of 10 people may choose to ignore the content if they don’t find the title interesting.

2. Deliver what you promised with the title.

Getting people to read your content is only half of the battle. After you’re done getting your visitors to read your content, you now have to make sure that you fulfill the promises of your title. If your content isn’t able to deliver what you promised with the headline then it might lead to your visitors to abandon your site altogether. So with this in mind, you have to make sure that when writing your headline you will not try to deceive your visitors. Your goal is to make them read your content from start to finish.

3. Make it easy to consume.

You don’t have to spoon feed the content to your visitors, but it is a good idea to have content that people can easily understand the content by just scanning it, since most visitors will not be reading it word for word.

People don’t like content with long sentences and large bodies of texts, and will most likely give up in reading the content, and might go to another website instead.

Here are some tips to make your content easy to digest:

  • Shorter paragraphs: Break down your content into shorter paragraphs of 3-4 sentences at the most in order to make it easier to digest. A lot of people get scared with large bodies of texts.
  • Use interesting sub-headers: People usually don’t read the entire content, and usually just read the parts that interest them, so by using interesting sub-headers, it will keep your readers engaged by appealing to their interests.
  • Use bullet points: Using bullet points is essential in order to make sure that it is easy to skim through and won’t strain your visitor’s eyes with large bodies of text.

4. Add a call to action at the end.

A call to action is a great way to convert your visitors into leads that will eventually lead to sales. For example, you can add an email subscription form at the end of your content.

Here are some tips in order to add more clients to your email list:

  • Creating a premium library: Create your own premium library consisting of original content such as ebooks and other valuable course materials that viewers can only find at your website. This can help persuade visitors to subscribe to your email list.
  • Content gating: Content gating is a tactic where you block off a specific section of your content for your subscribers only, which will encourage visitors to sign up.

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