Been itching to give your website a makeover, but the problem is you have no idea where to begin? Well here is a good solution for you. Web Development and Digital Marketing Experts, The Fields Agency have offered some simple tips to follow in creating a new and improved website that will considerably gain you more engaged viewers.


Display an elegant and professional logo

For your brand to be remembered, it should have a logo strategically placed on the upper left corner of every page of your website. In addition, the image of your logo must be of high resolution. For easy navigation, it is recommended to link your logo back to the home page of your website.


Make use of intuitive navigation

Navigation options are usually displayed in a horizontal bar along the website’s top portion. Why not try to switch things up by adding navigation options along the left-hand side margin of the site instead. Aside from that, try adding more navigation options underneath the main navigation bar in order to be out of the ordinary.


Remove clutter

Your website should visually guide your visitors towards the important parts of your page; hence, do not overload your pages with unnecessary graphics, photographs, and animations, since doing such might distract your visitors, keeping their focus away from your main point. To further narrow down the focus of your visitors, try to limit the links and options found in one page and keep the paragraphs short and concise.


Provide a room to breathe

For your visitors to have enough time to breathe and process all the information being displayed in your website, there should be enough space in between your paragraphs and images. To keep their focus on your content, control the white space through your layout.


Follow good color strategy

Make use of neutral colors to have a clean, modern, and polished look on your website while adding some splashes of color in your headlines and key graphics, as colored headlines and graphics immediately direct the attention of your visitors towards the most crucial contents of your website. Moreover, utilize color palettes that flatter your logo the most. Also, same color palettes must be used all throughout your marketing materials to observe consistency.


Professional photography is a must

Images displayed on your website must be taken professionally in order to ensure optimum image quality. Investing in professional photography certainly produces photographs that captivate the attention of the audience. Once they are captivated, their emotions are now drawn to the written content of the website thus keeping them interested. Uploading generic poor quality photos, on the other hand, creates a bad impression on your visitors thus affecting the impact of your website in a negative way.


Select easy-to-read fonts

With the advancement of technology nowadays, people view your website through a diverse array of devices, from laptops to smartphones. Hence, make sure that the fonts being used in your website are readable across all devices and browsers. To further help you, use a universal font with a size not less than 11pt. In addition, use only two font families to achieve fast loading times. If website design is fixed in width, utilize font sizes that permit a maximum of 15-20 words per line. For fluid designs, font size should be within 15-20 words per line at 900-1000 pixels in width.


Treat every web page as a landing page

Almost all website visits begin on a web page that is not the home page.  Therefore, see to it that all the necessary information of your website are present in every web page that you have so that viewers can grasp important points whatever page they may open first.


Never take buttons for granted

Make these “Submit” or “Send” buttons appealing by changing their font treatment, color, opacity, or gradient when being hovered by online visitors. In that way, it encourages these visitors to click those buttons.


Give your design a try

Either testing another shade of color or trying new placements can create such a tremendous effect on your website. Never underestimate these minor changes as their effects might surprise you. So never be afraid to test your new website design.

Improving your website has never been this easy. If these above-mentioned tips are taken into consideration, then your website will improve undoubtedly. But in case when these tasks are beyond your capabilities, then feel free to contact The Fields Agency, as this company has been the expert when it comes to Web development and digital marketing. With their high quality services and unparalleled reputation, rest assured that your website is in good hands.



  1. Rayan

    This is thing that I was searching for last 3 days and my search got end by reading this article. Thanks a lot for this article!

  2. Alexandria

    I like that you said to never take things like the submit button for granted. Many people who visit your site would like the flashy or colorful buttons if they embodied some of those characteristics. A good friend of mine was looking into custom website design and would like knowing this.

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