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Marketing for Everyone

The Fields Agency Marketing Consulting program gives custom corporate training solutions designed to strategically meet the needs of your organization regardless of size. Our team will work collaboratively with your onsite staff to develop a clear understanding of the goals for your organization. With this information, we will build training, content and delivery systems that best meet your needs.

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About the Trainer

Horacio Fields

12+ years experience

Global marketing campaign development

$2 million+ monthly advertising budget management

Large Franchise marketing (200+ stores)

Results Driven - Get you found expert!

Metadata Optimization

Increase your search visibility and click-through rates by optimizing your Metadata. The Fields Agency will apply your most competitive keywords on up to 20 pages of your website.

Marketing Audit

Whether you're running your own marketing campaign or looking for accountability from a third-party, we can track your marketing campaign and send you custom reports to verify results.

Keyword Research

Meeting the criteria to get on the first page of Google can be time intensive and expensive. Before making this investment let us help you make sure that you're aiming at the right target.

Wordpress Speed-Up

Has your WordPress website been a little sluggish lately? Slow site speed can have a negative effect on your SEO. Let us give your site a tune-up and give your customers the user experience they deserve!

Facing the Challenges

Staying Prepared

Saved on Ad Cost
Lead Increase
Increased Traffic
Can Your Customers Find You?

All sales start with a simple conversation. It may be a conversation between you and a potential customer, between one of your clients and your website, or a colleague and a potential referral. A successful sales cycle is based on turning these simple interactions into sales.


According to Forbes, American companies will have to replace 10% of their business annually for various reasons.


As your marketing consultant, The Fields Agency will help you engage new, long-lasting customers and replace those who you’ve lost along the way. We will also work on increasing your pool of shoppers to grow revenues.

Evolving With The Times

It’s an unquestionable fact that technology continues to change the way we run our businesses. Technology has also been the driving force of Digital marketing, making it more important than ever.


It doesn’t take a long time for a marketing strategy to become outdated. Which is why digital marketers have to stay current and know how said changes will impact your business.


Although this is an extremely technical field, it’s based on one of the most fundamental principles – what can we do to increase profit.

Result Driven Marketing

A results-driven marketing strategy means shifting priority metrics.


Rather than only focusing on rankings and traffic. Results-driven marketing budgets are adjusted to make funds available for ultimate profitability. We’ll do whatever we can within your budget to achieve this.